Welcome to Basketball Intelligence. Our idea is to have a place to house intelligent discussions about professional basketball. There are a few sites that do pretty well at that but they either tend to be specialized (e.g. The APBR historians site) or inconsistent in quality. Our goal here is to be hospitable to intelligent discussions. In part, this will help offset the recent trend of sites that promote random slideshows which purport to list the best something or other but have zero quality control.
Another annoying trend is the wacky “exclusivity list” such as this one posted back in 2011: “LeBron James just missed, by two rebounds,  joining Oscar Robertson as the only players to have accumulated 13,750 points, 3,500 rebounds, and 3,250 assists through their first 500 games on Sunday.” So you won’t see any of that nonsense here.


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  1. I’m looking for a basketball site, maybe yours, that will promote my “triple double” theory. That pros play a 48 minute game and triple doubles are relatively rare . College games are 40 minutes and they’re even rarer and high school games are 32 minutes and even rarer than college games. Maybe a triple 8 would be more appropriate for a college game and a triple 7 for high school. It would advance the achievement of a great all round performance which most people would agree a triple double is .

  2. Wondering why you’re going to start charging for content that you’re reposting from other sources.

  3. 92EdaD This blog is definitely cool and also informative. I have chosen a lot of useful things out of it. I ad love to go back again soon. Thanks a lot!

  4. It is the only way that we can afford to continue this service. The amount is minimal: 11 cents/day!!!

  5. Hey, feel free to link stories on my site, ballandone.com for more analytical pieces. We’ve only been up 2 months, but all our content is entirely fan made and original. We’ve gotten a lot of good feedback on our work so far. Looking forward to spreading bball knowledge.

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