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–   Hassan Whiteside Will Be Test Case in NBA’s New Age of Rotations  (from  Grant Hughes,  Bleacher Report):

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–  Film Room: Elfrid Payton on Defense  (from Josh Cohen,

” What makes Magic point guard a valuable defender?”

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–  Can Kevin Love Carry a Bigger Load?  (from Austin Peters, Hardwood Paroxysm):

” Kevin Love’s role in Cleveland last season was the topic of much discussion throughout the season. Some felt he needed to learn to accept the smaller role, much the same as Chris Bosh did when he joined LeBron James in Miami. Others felt that David Blatt did a poor job of utilizing all of Love’s skills and making sure that he got a more featured role in their offense.

The truth, however, probably lies somewhere in the middle. The best coaches in the league take each player’s strengths and craft a system around those skills. At some point, though, a player has to buy into their role and really focus on what they do well instead of trying to do everything. Yes, Blatt probably could’ve done a better job putting Love into places to be successful last season, but Kevin also could a better job of approaching his given role with a little more enthusiasm.

Whether or not his play deserves a bigger role, he is going to get one starting next season. It wasreported that the Cavaliers’ star point guard Kyrie Irving, still recovering from the knee injury he suffered in Game One of the Finals, could be out until January. That is the worst case scenario and it’s likely he could be back sooner, but Love is going to be the main piece that fills in the hole left from Irving’s absence.”

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–  Darren Erman emphasizing defensive drills for Pelicans  (from Jim Eichenhofer,

”  “Being on the same page is probably the No. 1 thing defensively. If you eliminate confusion and everyone knows what they’re supposed to do, it’s really simple. If everyone is on the same page, you’ll be a top-14 defensive team at least, and obviously you can get much higher. As a general rule in the NBA, if you overcomplicate things and players are thinking instead of reacting, it’s hard. But if you can keep it simple, you know exactly where you’re going to be every single time. You want to eliminate confusion and them thinking about ‘Should I be here or there?’ Just really try to keep it simple and play to their strengths.”

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–  George Karl’s use of Carmelo Anthony in Denver is a good blueprint for Cousins, Kings  (from Zach Harper,  CBS Sports):

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–   Q&A With Bakersfield Jam Head Coach Chris Jent  (from Scott Chasen,

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–  Marcelo Huertas brings vital experience, playmaking to Lakers  (form Tom West,



–  What To Expect From Eric Bledsoe  (from Troy Tauscher,

How LeBron became “a professional shooter”

 Brian Windhorst ( writes about how LeBron became a “professional shooter” after entering the league unable to “shoot a lick”:

….”Of all the things James has accomplished and all the awards he has won and all the various statistical milestones he has set, one stands above all the others when it comes to illustrating just how much dedication he has put into the task of making himself a professional shooter. For six consecutive years, longer than the average player’s career, James has improved his shooting numbers. Season after season, MVP after MVP, and now title after title, James kept toiling away on the craft and sharpening his edge.”

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