Today’s Best NBA Reporting And Analysis 4/28/16

CHA 90, MIA 88  (from James Herbert, CBS Sports):

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–  Draymond Green Ignites Warriors In Closeout Win  (from Tim Kawakami,

–  Rockets’ Disastrous Year Ends: Plenty Of Questions Ahead   (from Grant Hughes, Bleacher Repport):

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–   POR 108, LAC 98  (from Kerry Eggers,  Portland Tribune):

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–  Dwane Casey’s Tweaks Have Raptors In Drivers’ Seat  (from Dave Feschuk,  Toronto Star):

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–  Minute-by-Minute Breakdown Of One Of The Best Quarters In Raptors’ History  (from Sean Woodley, Raptors HQ):

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–  Brad Stevens Previews Game Six  (from Jay King,

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–  The Hawks-Celtics Coaching Chess Match  (from Adam Himmelsbach, Boston Globe):

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Additional Player Notes, Updates, Profiles:



Andrew Bogut  (from Warren Yiu,

–  Marvin Williams  (from Rick Bonnell, Charlotte Observer):

 Bismack Biyombo  (from Steve Simmons, Toronto Sun):

–  Evan Turner  (from A. Sherrod Blakely,

–  Enes Kanter  (from Anthony Slater,

–  Courtney Lee (from Matt Zemek,  Crossover Chronicles):

–  David West  (from John Diaz, Project Spurs):


Today’s Best NBA Reporting And Analysis 4/25/16


–  Marcus Smart Put On A Master Class In Defensive Versatility In Game 4  (from Kevin O’Connor,
–  Hawks Let Game 4 And Series Control Slip Away  (from Ohm Youngmisuk,  ESPN):
–  After Curry Injury, Warriors Unleash Hell On Rockets  (from Dan Devine,  Yahoo Sports):
–  Warriors Fight On Without Steph, And For Him, As Well (from Ethan Sherwood Strauss, ESPN):
–  What Steph’s Knee Injury Means (from Ben Golliver,  Sports Illustrated):
–  Things Warriors Must Do To Remain Competitive If Steph Is Out (from Matt Moore,  CBS Sports):
–  Playoffs’ Lion Face, Lemon Face  (from Eric Maroun, Hardwood Paroxysm):
–  Raptors Relying On DeRozan and Lowry For Pivotal game 5  (from James Herbert, CBS Sports):
How The Trail Blazers Rebuilt On The Fly  (from Kevin Arnovitz, ESPN):
–  What Will The Spurs Need From Tony Parker  (from Buck Harvey,
–  Cavs Can Be Optimistic Despite Their Vulnerabilities  (from Greg Swartz, Bleacher Report):
–  Charlotte’s Transition From Losing Bobcats To Playoff Hornets  (from Justin Verrier,  ESPN):
–  The “Difference” In The Playoffs Is Not All On The Officials  (from Doug Smith, Toronto Star):
 Sean Marks’ And The Nets’ Focus  (from Miles Wray,  Hardwood Paroxysm):
Additional Player Notes, Updates, Profiles:
–  Patty Mills (from Warren Yiu,
–  Steven Adams, Enes Kanter, Serge Ibaka  (from Antony Slater,

 Marvin Williams  (from Rick Bonnell, Charlotte Observer):


Today’s Best NBA Reporting and Analysis 4/14/16


–  Recapping Wednesday’s Games  (from SBNation):

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–  Bryant ‘s Last Show  (from Lee Jekins, Sports Illustrated):

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–  All Hail The Warriors  (from Bethlehem Shoals,

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 Tough Life Experiences Have Strengthened Raptors’ Head Coach Dwane Casey (from Ian Thomsen,

–  Video Breakdown:  Steph’s 400th 3-pointer  (from EricApricot, Golden State Of Mind):

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 Spurs Playbook: How They Use A Bunch Formation  (from Eli Horowitz, Pounding The Rock):

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 Zach Lowe’s Awards Ballot, Part II  (from ESPN):

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Miami Heat:  Life Without Chris Bosh  (from Ira Winderman,

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–  How Did The Thunder Change In Billy Donovan’s 1st Season  (from Royce Young,  ESPN):

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–  Quin Snyder Has Impressed Kobe Bryant  (from Aaron Falk,  Salt Lake Tribune):

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Pistons Owner Tom Gores On SVG Getting The Team To The Playoffs  (from Keith Langlois,

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Additional Player Notes, Updates, Profiles:




–  Enes Kanter  (from Dan Feldman,  NBC Sports):



Tobias Harris  (from Rod Beard,  Detroit News):

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Today’s Best NBA Reporting and Analysis

–  Pelicans Injuries Could Create Ample Opportunites For Role Players  (form Michael McNamara,

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–  How Will Houston Rockets Make the Bold James Harden/Ty Lawson Experiment Work?  (from Jonathan Feigen,  Blear Report):

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–  Why now? Wizards slowed down for Pierce  (frm J. Michael,

” The logical question for the Wizards is if this smaller, fast-paced style is so much better, why didn’t coach Randy Wittman start using it sooner? The answer is pretty simple, and he said it many times without actually saying it in previous seasons: They’ve lacked the personnel — until now.”

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–   How Minnesota Should Use Karl-Anthony Towns and Tyus Jones  (from Wes Kosel,

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–   How Stephen Curry works on slowing the game down  (from Ethan Sherwood Strauss,  ESPN):

“How can Stephen Curry improve?”

It’s a question usually asked more with incredulity than curiosity. It would seem the 2015 NBA MVP has topped out, optimized as much as one can from a skinny frame and normal-person height. In theory, Curry has less upside to work with than the game’s athletic wings and burly bigs. His MVP award doesn’t come with a popular expectation that he’ll ever claim status as the NBA’s top player. After all, the 6-foot-3 guard won’t suddenly sprout as tall as Anthony Davis or jump as high as LeBron James.

Indeed, if Curry ever does claim that top-player status, it won’t be because he starts jumping over defenders or bullying foes in the post. The improvements will result from something internal — the slowing of time inside his mind. They will be the function of weaponized perception, a training of the brain to think quicker than your opponent can leap.

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–  How Marc Gasol’s Fellow Bigs Fit  (from Joe Mullinax, grizzlybearblues):

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–   Half Court Creators  (from Seth Partnow,  Nylon Calculus):

” Earlier this week, I looked at how good half court offense relies to some degree on a team having one or more creators. The common expression is “ability to break a defense down,” which in practical terms means forcing a second and possibly even third defender to guard the ball, leaving others open to make less demanding plays. Against modern exacting and drilled NBA defensive schemes, somebody or combination of bodies has to do something to break that initial shell.

So, while talk of “alpha dogs” and “true number one options” can be tedious, there is probably something to the notion that having someone1 to take the game by the scruff of the neck is if not essential, extremely useful to having a quality offense. As with many situationally good things, this can get taken too far, and this sort of “heroball” often becomes a goal in and of itself rather than an instrument to pry open a defense to allow the application of more refined approaches. Identifying that line is all but impossible in a vacuum, and plenty difficult even knowing the full context of a situation.”

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–  Rebounding Rates and the 2014/15 “J.J. Hickson All-Stars”  (from Mika Hokasalo,  Nylon Calculus):

” At first glance, the rebounding column in the box score seems like a relatively straightforward indicator of how good of a player’s rebounding ability. Increasingly, however, I’ve come to believe that how many rebounds a player gets has very little to do with how good of a rebounder they are. The difference between the top and bottom quartile of defensive rebounders among big men is only about two defensive rebounds per 36 minutes, and a lot of factors goes into whether or not you grab those two extra rebounds that has nothing to with providing value to a team. Stealing rebounds from teammates, or diligently boxing out and allowing your guards to pick up the rebound, can quite easily increase/decrease a player’s rebounding totals by an extra board or two without having any effect on the game. And chasing boards recklessly without boxing out can often be harmful to a team.”

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–  What teams will climb the rankings in offensive efficiency this season?  (from John Schumann,

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–  Dissecting Clipper Defense  (from   Larson Ishii and Caden Kinard,

” I’m not one to put too much stock into anything that happens in preseason basketball, especially the first two games. However, in watching the Clippersplay the Nuggets and Raptors, there was one meaningful thing that jumped out at me: the Clippers have completely changed how they defend the pick and roll.”

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For those with access to NBA Insider:


Golden State Warriors: 2015-16 player profiles (from Amin Elhassan):

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Additional Player Notes, Updates, Profiles:


–  Pacers:   Mahinmi Happy with Limited Role  (from Mark Monteith, :


–  Raptors’ James Johnson looking forward to playing time  (from Mike Ganter, Post Media Network):


–   Cauley-Stein impressing coaches, teammates with energy, effort  (from Jason Jones, Sacramento Bee):


–  Blazers’ Allen Crabbe playing with house money, cashes in  (from Peter Socotch,


–  Outspoken Enes Kanter has a complicated relationship with his home country of Turkey (from Anthony Slater,




–   Avery Bradley goes back to the future  (from Chris Forsberg,  ESPN):


–   Childhood finger injury helped motivate Heat guard Gerald Green to succeed  (from Linda Robertson, Miami Herald):


–   Film Room: The Lance Stephenson Exemplum – Part 2  (from Justin Russo,


–   Terrence Ross Is Ready To Bring More To The Raptors This Year  (from Stephen Brotherston,  Pro Bball Report):


–   LaMarcus Aldridge seeking balance between aggressive and selfless with Spurs  (from Sam Amick,  USA Today):


–  Reason to believe in Dion Waiters?  (from Luke McConnell,


–  Cleveland Cavaliers Player Previews: Richard Jefferson  (from Trevor Magnotti,


–   Robert Upshaw is focused on reaching his defensive potential with the Lakers  (from Drew Garrison, silverscreenandroll):

Today’s Best NBA Reporting and Analysis

–   Offensive change is both clear and here for Wizards  (from Todd Dybas,  Washington Times):

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–  Installing their new offense, Wizards heed the need for speed  (from Jorge Castillo,

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–  Replacing LaMarcus Aldridge: Trail Blazers will lean on versatile, interchangeable frontcourt to supplant All-Star  (from Joe Freeman,

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–  Mavs Transition D  (form Jonny Auping,

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–  Wesley Matthews Battles Back from Torn Achilles (frm Jonathan Abrams (Grantland):

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–   Reinventing the New Orleans Pelicans  (from Rob Mahoney,  Sports Illustrated):

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–  After struggles on defense, Pistons go back to basics  (from Aaron McMann,

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–   LeBron James and the Cavaliers broke their isolationist ways for one night, anyway  (from Joe Vardon,


Additional Player Notes, Updates, Profiles:


–  Enes Kanter, Billy Donovan and Questions of Fit  (from Ben Dowsett, Basketball Insiders):


–  How Kenneth Faried can become the impact player the Nuggets need  (from Matt Moore,  CBS Sports):


–  Jonathon Simmons making an impression on Popovich  (from Jabari Young,


–   Damian Lillard and Tim Frazier: A friendship that will remain no matter who wins Trail Blazers backup job  (from Jason Quick,


–   Grizzlies’ Courtney Lee vows to be more aggressive  (from Ronald Tillery,

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–  Rudy Gobert (from Andrew Bailey, BBall breakdown):


–   Blake Griffin wants to take his defense — and the Clippers — to another level  (from J.A. Adande (ESPN):


–  Pacers’ Joe Young pesters coach, veterans to learn  (from Candace Buckner,

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–  Brett Brown wants to help Jahlil Okafor’s post presence  (form John Finger,


–  Utah Jazz: Center Jeff Withey making his case for roster spot  (from Aaron Falk, saltlaketribune):


–  A closer look at Julius Randle’s impressive preseason performance  (from Drew Garrison,


–   2015 Pistons preview: Key season for Spencer Dinwiddie  (from Steve Hinson,  detroitbadboys):


–   Solomon Hill Looks to Find Niche  (from Matt Andreason,


–   Bullock’s bid to win Pistons roster berth boosted by preseason debut – and SVG’s faith in his D  (from

–   Bullock’s defense could earn him a Pistons roster spot  (from Aaron McMann,


–  Kris Humphries is adapting to his new role with the Wizards  (from Jorge Castillo,  Washington Post):


–   Marco Belinelli’s play elevates his Kings teammates (from Jason Jones, Sacramento Bee):


–  Jrue Holiday on minute restriction but showing encouraging early signs  (from Jim Eichenhofer,


–  Heat’s Tre Kelley Trying to Become 30-Year-Old NBA Rookie (from Jessica Camerato,  Basketball Insiders):


–  Bradley Beal  (from J. Michael,


–   Jonas Valanciunas:

– from William Lou, williamlounba:

– from Tim Chishom,