Today’s Best NBA Reporting and Analysis 5/6/16

TOR 96, MIA 92 (from Chris O’Leary,

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–  Raptors Need To Use Valanciunas A Lot More On Offence  (from Ryan Wolstat, Toronto Sun):

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–  Raptors Need Better Offensive Execution  (from Jordan Greer, Sporting News):

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–  Why Chris Bosh Is Out Of The Playoffs  (from Rohan Nadkarni, Sports Illustrated):

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–  Moe Harkless’ Defense On Klay Thompson (from Joe Freeman, Oregon Live):

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–  Harrison Barnes Remains Stoic In Face of Criticism  (from Tim Kawakami,

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–  The Amazing Shaun Livingston  (from Kerry Eggers, Portland Tribune):

Read it here:  It’s all a best-case scenario for the amazingly rebounded Shaun Livingston

 Video Breakdown:  Festus Saves The Dubs  (from EricApricot,  Golden State Of Mind):

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–  Three Adjustments The Blazers Need To Make  (from Ben Golliver,  Sports Illustated):

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–  LaMarcus Aldridge Is Dominating  (from Matt Moore,  CBS Sports):

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–  Andre Roberson’s Defense  (from Berry Tramel,

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–  CLE/ATL Notes  (from Terry Pluto,

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–  Did Vogel Get A Fair Shake? (from Zach Lowe, ESPN):

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–  Up Next For Pacers:  Small Ball Coach Who Is Not Afraid To Ruffle Feathers   (from Mitch Lawrence, Sporting News):

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 Debating Hack-a-Farce  (from Zach Lowe, ESPN):

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Player Profile:

–  Dirk Nowitzki  (from Tariq Saleh,


Best NBA Reporting: Must Reads from Media Day

–  Pistons:  random thoughts and expectations for the season ahead  (form Keith Langlois,

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–   Raptors hope for better fit, ‘different type of basketball’ after off-season changes  (from Eric Koreen,

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Villanova Coach  Jay Wright talks Okafor, Noel with Brett Brown  (from Bob Ford,  Philadelphia Inquirer):

“He’s very committed to the fact that he wants to adjust to his personnel. I love how he sees himself as a coach: ‘You give me the players and I’ve got to figure out a way to make them successful. How can this person I’ve been given be most successful?’ That’s a lot better than a guy who says, ‘This has to be done my way.’ ”


–  7 Undrafted Free Agents to Watch in 2015-16 NBA Training Camps (from Jonathan Wasserman,  Bleacher Report):

” Going undrafted doesn’t mean the NBA dream is over. We see undrafted players make rosters every year. And a handful of them manage to secure legitimate rotation spots.

Langston Galloway, Tarik Black and Jabari Brown were just a few from last season.

Of course, the fit has to be right. Each of the following prospects offers something specific, whether it’s upside, shooting ability or energy, that their training-camp team must value.

These potential rookies have all signed partially guaranteed deals and will be players to watch over the next few weeks as they look to make an NBA roster.”

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–   Breaking Down the Miami Heat’s Training Camp Roster  (from Wes Goldberg,

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–   Three Point Plinko and the Minnesota Timberwolves  (from Seth Partnow, Nylon Calculus):

” We still don’t know an awful lot about the process of shot and offense creation in the NBA. We’ve gotten pretty good at describing the inputs in terms of what various players bring to the table, and the outputs in terms of team level offensive success or lack thereof. But in between, how a given set of players interact with an offensive system to arrive at the shots actually taken, remains something of a black box, at least from an analytic view.

From a qualitative standpoint, coaches know a great deal about what kinds of actions will tend to produce the best shot, but even in that frame of reference it resembles a game of plinko. The structure of a team’s offense and personnel determine the placement of the pegs, and the play call is choosing which slot to drop in the pellet. But from there, the series of bounces, the intricacies of the offensive and defensive execution of any given play, determine the outcome in a not entirely predictable way.

Open threes are usually the end result of good things happening throughout the offensive process. Which leads me to the problem with Mitchell’s statement: Minnesota’s process, their “flow”, stunk.

Getting back to the plinko analogy, one season of low three point rates might be an unfortunate happenstance of roster construction or random variation. But Flip Saunders’ offenses (as well as those of his disciple, Washington’s Randy Wittman) have always produced three pointers at well below league average rates and long twos at higher than average rates3. That “flow” Mitchell was speaking of, from which threes must naturally arise is not an accident, an exogenous force with which the Wolves must deal. That “flow” is the result of design. And that design consistently produces the worst shot in basketball, the long two.”

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–   Abundance of questions surround start of 2015-16  (from David Aldridge,

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Q & A: Beat Writer John Reid on the Pelicans  (from Chuck Myron,

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–   An American coach is trying to lead Palestine to the Olympics – and it’s all even crazier than you think  (from Jorge Sierra,

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Additional Player Notes, Updates, Profiles:


–  Bball Breakdown Player Rankings: Chris Paul, #6  (from Jesse Blanchard):


–  Why Harrison Barnes Could Be the Most Intriguing Free Agent of 2016  (from Zach Lowe, Grantland):


–  Why David West gave back $11 million to join the Spurs  (from Adrian Wojnarowski,  Yahoo Sports):–11-million-to-join-the-spurs-195800859.html


Finally united with coach Alvin Gentry, Pelicans guard Eric Gordon is eager to push the tempo (from Brett Dawson,


–  Tyreke Evans set to play primarily at point guard  (from John Reid,


Meyers Leonard Talks Versatility and Off-season Focus  (from David MacKay,


Trail Blazers Moe Harkless and Cliff Alexander  (from Jason Quick,


Vogel won’t ‘waste’ Paul George’s defensive skills  (from Candace Buckner,


–  Jameer Nelson the leader the Denver Nuggets need  (from Adam Kinney,


Kyle Lowry fit and fuelled for a rebound  (form Bruce Arthur,


Elfrid Payton learning to think like a shooter  (from Philip Rossman-Reich,


–  The Kevin Garnett Files  (from Michael Boosalis,


–  Michael Malone wants to find Denver Nuggets guard Gary Harris consistent role  (from Nate Timmons,


Myles Turner (from Gregg Doyel,


–  Kyrie Irving wants to change his game so his scoring stays up and he won’t get knocked down (from Chris Haynes,


–   The Versatile Nikola Mirotic  (from Brandon Pence,


–  Croatian Dragan Bender at epicenter of historic Maccabi-Milano rivalry tour  (from Jake Fischer,  Sports Illustrated):

Today’s Best NBA Reporting and Analysis

–  Selecting a 12-man roster for Rio Olympics won’t be easy   (form Michael Lede, Washington Post):

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How a short stint on Wall Street led Billy Donovan to coaching  (from Anthony Slater,

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–  Undrafted rookies weigh options to pursue dream  (from Ian Thomsen,

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–   How the final 2 playoff spots in the West can be won  (from Tim Cato,  sbnation):

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Additional Player Notes, Updates, profiles:


–  Former Nugget Nikoloz Tskitishvili wants redemption and another chance   (from Christopher Dempsey,


Martell Webster interview  (from Ben Mehic,


Olynyk a Stretch 5, Not a 4  (from Lee Lauderdale,  celticsgreen):


–  Do not sleep on Moe Harkless  (from David MacKay,


–  The great tendencies of Nikola Mirotic  (frm Morten Stig Jensen,


–  Is Tayshaun Prince Still An NBA Rotational Player?  (from Aaron Mah,