Today’s Best NBA Reporting and Analysis 2/1/16

–  The Warriors Are As Motivated As Ever  (from Steve Popper,  Bergen Record):
–  Tyronn Lue’s Communication Skills Have Put The Cavaliers Back On Track  (from  Chris Haynes,
–  Pau Gasol:  Bulls ‘Not Disciplined’  (from Nick Friedell,  ESPN):
–  Monta Ellis Fuels Pacers Past Nuggets In Overtime  (from Candace Buckner,
–  Blazers Keep Wins Rolling  (from Kerry Eggers, Portland Tribune):
–  Jazz Are Taking And Making More Threes   (from allthatamar,
–  Hoiberg’s Lineups Killed The Bulls Again  (from thehungarianjordan,

 The Corner Three Isn’t So Easy   (from Erik Horne,

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–  Top Western Conference Teams’ Schedule Is Backloaded  (from  Aaron Barzilai,
–  How Bad Is Rockets’ Defensive Rebounding?  (from Jordan M. Foley,  Vantage Sports):
Additional Player Notes, Updates, Profiles:
–  Khris Middleton:  Second Fiddle No Longer  (from Lori Nickel,
–  Stanley Johnson Doesn’t Back Down On Defense  (from Rod Beard,  Detroit News):
 Breaking It Down:  Cory Joseph And Dual Screeners  (from Blake Murphy,
 –  James Harden  Q & A  (from Rohan Nadkarni,  Sports Illustrated):

–  Video Breakdown: Al-Farouk Aminu’s Three Point Shot  (from Dane Carbaugh,

–  Carmelo Anthony Takes A Shot At Leadership  (from Chris Herring,  Wall Street Journal):
–  Timberwolves Need More From Andrew Wiggins  (from Key Dae,
–  Rivers Trying To Find A Way To Keep Age From Catching Up With Paul Pierce  (from Dan Woike,  ocregister):
K. J. McDaniels  (from Curt Low,

–  Quinn Cook  (from Chris Reichert,  Upside&Motor):

–  Ryan Boatright Chooses Europe Over D-League (from Ethan Drigotas,  Ridiculous Upside):


Today’s Best NBA Reporting and Analysis

Michael Malone goes to great lengths to know his Nuggets players  (from Christopher Dempsey, Denver Post):

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–   With Monroe gone, who will be Pistons’ low post threat?  (from Vince Ellis,

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–  Raptors still have plenty to learn as training camp ends  (from Mike  Ganter,  Toronto Sun):

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–   Green says Warriors’ players will hold each other accountable during Kerr’s absence  (from Carl Steward,  Contra Costa Times):

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–   Warriors say Year 2 in offensive system will be even better  (from Rusty Simmons,

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–  Bucks have plenty of Point Guard options   (from Charles F. Gardner,

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–   Orlando Magic get stern message as Scott Skiles pull starters  (from Philip Rossman-Reich,

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–  Hinrich says Hoiberg has brought fast pace, calm demeanor to Bulls  (form Mike McGraw,

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Additional Player Notes, Updates, Profiles:


–  Pierce fits in seamlessly with Clippers  (frm Dan Woike,


–  Hornet Michael Kidd-Gilchrist dislocates right shoulder; likely out for weeks (from Rick Bonnell, Charlotte Observer):


–  Kobe Bryant might be changing positions  (form Matt Moore,  CBS Sports):


–  New-look Bogut turning heads at Warriors training camp  (from Monte Poole,


–  Will Additions of Splitter, Tavares Help Hawks Offensively?  (from KL Chouinard,


–  Sasha Vujacic Offers Knicks Stability  (from Scott Cacciola, NYTimes):


–   Rehab work gives Chandler Parsons a different perspective  (from Eddie Sefko,


–   Deron Williams hopes to rejuvenate career with Mavericks  (from Dwain Price,


–   Paul George Looking To Find A Medium as a 3 and 4  (from Mark Monteith,


–  A breakout spring has Wizards thinking Porter’s time could be now   (from Jorge Castillo, Washington Post):


–   Crabbe looks to break out for Blazers  (from  Grant Lucas,


–  Gortat rolling with Wizards move toward small ball  (from Ben Standig,


–   Rajon Rondo: The King Of Sacramento’s Playoff Hopes  (from Brad Winter,


–   Blazers Player Review: Noah Vonleh  (from Joel Viss,  ripcityproject):


–   Blazers’ Gerald Henderson remains sidelined, but surgically-repaired hip is improving ‘every day’  (from Joe Freeman,

Today’s Best NBA Reporting

–   The five favorites for Eurobasket  (from Philip Rossman-Reich,

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–  When Good Shots Turn Bad and Bad Shots Turn Good  (from Kelly Scaletta, Vantage Sports):

” How tightly a shooter is guarded, whether the defender has his hands up, where the shot is from, and how much time is on the clock all influence whether a shot is going to go in or not. Lost in this analysis is often the most important factor of all, and that’s who is taking the shot.

You can only generalize shots so much. Ultimately, people take them, and like all things dealing with people, you can’t be too universal in you assessments. Some shots are generally better than others. Maybe some are even usually better than others. But there are times when you’d take a midrange jumper over a corner three or shot at the rim depending on who takes the shot.”

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–  Labor Peace in Our Time: How the NBA’s Money Train Could Keep Chugging  (from Zach Lowe, Grantland):

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Player Notes, Updates, Profiles:


–  How Ty Lawson Helps the Rockets (from Jesse Blancarte,  Basketball Insiders):


–   Clippers Preview: Paul Pierce, Lance Stephenson, Josh Smith (from Coach Nick,  BBall Breakdown):


–  DeShaun Thomas is testing the Spurs’ draft-and-stash system (from Jesus Gomez,


–  Jordan Clarkson’s Mid-Range Jumper  (from Darius Soriano,


–   Sizing up Henry Sims  (from Rollin J. Mason/Sean O’Connor,


–   Carving Out An NBA Role For Nik Stauskas  (form Aaron Mah,

Today’s Best NBA Reporting and Analysis

Film Room: Paul Pierce Edition   (from Justin Russo,

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How Coach Gentry’s Transition Game May Affect Pelicans’ Guard Play  (from Oleh,

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Kings/Wolves/Lakers/More (from Gary Washburn, Boston Globe):

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–  How Billy Donovan’s childhood goal turned him into a legendary ballplayer  (from Darnell Mayberry,

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–  Looking back on Billy Donovan’s brief NBA career  (from Darnell Mayberry,

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–  Kings assistant Nancy Lieberman took long, winding road to NBA  (from Ailene Voisin, Sacramento Bee):

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 Additional Player Notes, Updates, Profiles:


Enes Kanter:


Alex Len:


Bismack Biyombo:


Festus Ezeli:


Jonathan Holmes:


Kevin Seraphin:   and

Today’s Best NBA Reporting and Analysis Part Two

NOTE: This is Part Two of today’s Basketball Intelligence.  See Part One,  which links to most of  today’s best stories about the NBA Finals, here:




–  Biggest winner of the Finals? Rest!  (from  Tom Haberstroh,  ESPN):

” The Golden State Warriors were the last ones standing. As bodies broke down all around the NBA this season, it was the Warriors who remained intact.

This wasn’t supposed to happen. The Warriors employ so many players who got hit with the injury-prone label at some point in their careers: Stephen Curry,Shaun Livingston, Andrew Bogut, Leandro Barbosa, Festus Ezeli.

But in the regular season, the Warriors finished with the fewest minutes lost due to injury in the NBA. And in the postseason, they finished as champions.

Those two facts are not unrelated; the first was a catalyst to an end.

This wasn’t all luck. This was all part of the plan: to rest, to recover, to outlast.”

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–  The Warriors Are Your Champions (from Ian Levy, Vantage Sports):

” The Golden State Warriors are your 2014-2015 NBA champions. In one of the most unique NBA Finals in recent memory, the Warriors finished off the Cleveland Cavaliers in six games. There were a thousand interesting statistical narratives in this series, and we’ll touch on just a few here”

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–  The Warriors aren’t just NBA champions, they’re historically great  (from Mike Prada,

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–  Golden State Warriors Illustrated  (from Kirk Goldsberry,

” First of all, congratulations to the Golden State Warriors and their fans. They were clearly the best team in the NBA this season. They dominated the league and entertained us from Halloween to their ultimate triumph last night. They got here in their own way, and it’s worth visualizing some of their most dominant characteristics.”

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–  The Warriors Were Too Good at Everything to Ever Really Lose Anything  (from Andrew Sharp,

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–   Austin Ainge: After Golden State Warriors championship, Boston Celtics ‘cognizant of some evolution’ in NBA  (from Jay king,

” The evolution of basketball is something teams must consider as they approach the coming draft. Shooting and positional versatility is hugely important. Big men must be more mobile now, better shooters, or make up for it in other ways. Still, a team near the top of the draft will pick Jahlil Okafor, an old-school big man out of Duke. A number of centers are expected go in the lottery.

“You can win with those guys. They’re good players,” Ainge said. “Regardless of what the trends are, they’re good, and you can use them.”

He added: “There’s a million ways to win and I just think you have to get the best players. (You don’t want to) force the idea of a player in rather than the player himself. You can’t deal in hypotheticals. (In the draft), it’s always between this guy or that guy. Bad rim protection doesn’t help. If he’s a really good rim protector then that’s one thing. But every team can do it differently. If you look over the last 10 championships there’s been a variety of lineups and matchups. I think you can win (in different ways). You have to have talent, though.”

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Warriors Craft New Model in Winning NBA Championship (from Howard Beck, Bleacher report):

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–  Five Questions: Milwaukee Bucks  (from Dakota Schmidt, BBall Breakdown):

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Additional Player Notes, Updates, Profiles:


Paul Pierce:


David Lee: